What now?

If you just completed German 3, you are able to go as an exchange student to Germany and meet new German friends by introducing yourself in the target language. You can tell them more about your country, your favorite book, music, or actor/actress. You can also compare your country with Germany in terms of expenses, driving rules, and political situations. You are also able to order food in a restaurant, book a hotel room, and purchase a train ticket online or in person in order to further explore different parts of Germany. If you decide to further develop your language skills, you can think about different career paths, such as getting a career as an interpreter or translator for big multilingual companies, becoming a German teacher, or taking a linguist job in the military. If you want to combine your German language skills with your creativity, you can become a full-time language blogger or online content creator. You can share your experiences with people all over the world while traveling and focusing on what you care about the most. Whatever you decide to do in your future, German language skills will make you more competitive in the workplace. Just think about Volkswagen, SAP, Aldi, or any other German company located in the USA.

by Frau Budimka Uskokovic

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