1. Explore a new restaurant. Try out your new language speaking skills to order food and investigate authentic foods from different cultures. Explore your options in your local community or take a road trip to a city nearby!

2. Connect around the world with a new friend. There are several apps that enable you to connect to a new friend around the world. Try out your new language skills and discover cultural similarities and differences. Check out apps like Penpal World or Interpals.

3. Volunteer. What opportunities are available in your community? Consider volunteering at a local school or community center teaching young children a new language.

4. Netflix Anyone? Explore all of the movies and show options on Netflix you can watch in Spanish- watch it in Spanish or just put the subtitles on in Spanish. Everything from murder mystery, sci-fi, or biographies is available in Spanish. Check out this best of 2019 Guide to the Best Spanish Shows on Netflix and start watching!

5. Switch the Language On Your Phone. Nothing like learning a language on a necessity, right? Learn to problem solve and navigate through your phone daily, if not hourly, to access your needs to communicate. Here are some simple directions on how to change the language on your Apple devices.

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