Facebook can be used to connect with family and friends, but did you know that Facebook could be used to help improve learning a new language too?  There are multiple pages and groups to check out on Facebook that can help with language acquisition.


Let’s start with General Groups:

  1. Language Learning Community: This amazing study group was created for individuals who are learning a new language. Whether it’s your second or third language, you can join the group discussions, ask your questions and post responses!
  2. Language Learning Club: This cool page offers opportunities to practice language learning with others in small groups.  They post-practice activities in a variety of languages or meme’s in other languages so you can get a giggle while learning new vocabulary. A great addition to practice your speaking skills!
  3. Language Learning at Home: This page is great for homeschooling families.  Anne has a Ph.D. in Spanish and provides great tools and inspiration for encouraging language learning.  A great resource that can help support what learners are doing with the World of Learning Institute.


Language Specific Groups:

  1. Students of the Arabic Language: Students of the Arabic Language is a group where beginner, intermediate and masters of the Arabic language can discuss and help one another in the Arabic language.
  2. Learning Advanced Chinese:  As you get more advanced with your Chinese learning or you want to challenge yourself, this is the place to go!  Learners can converse with other learners, ask questions about concepts, or use the suggested activities posted to practice.
  3. Learning Japanese:  Japanese has so much culture and uniqueness in the arts.  This group shares all things culture AND language. A fun study group to learn more about the Japanese language.


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