Pinterest… a mom’s dream or nightmare? Whether you love or hate Pinterest, it is a social network that allows one to visually share or discover ideas. Pinning new pictures or videos that link to resources such as recipes, blogs, outfits, or ideas help the user organize their interests. Believe or not Pinterest can be a great resource for language instruction and learning. Check out these top 10 boards to explore some tips and suggestions from great pinners!

1. Teaching Strategies for World Language Instruction
2. Teaching for Proficiency World Language
3. World Language Instruction
4. Language Fun, Puns, and Infographics
5. Language Learning + Teaching: Blogs, Podcasts + Videos General Language Learning Tips
6. Language Learning Tips, Tricks, and Resources
7. Languages and Words
8. Words, Languages, and Culture
9. Language Hacking
10. A Celebration of World Culture

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