Most people have access to their cell phone anytime, anywhere so having a route to social media is really easy. Twitter is a fun platform to be a part of it because due to character limitations, you don’t get information overload and conversation can happen really easy.  Making friends around the world is easy and getting good resources is even easier to share with a link.  Based on the language being learned, checking out these twitter accounts can be very helpful with language acquisition!


Spanish: My Daily Spanish @mydailyspanish
This neat account shares a new word and sentence in Spanish with an explanation and translation for your to learn.

French: Learn French with Pics @French_pics
This may be the best account to follow for the visual learner. This account posts a picture everyday with a sentence in French. Viewing the photo and sentence can help a learner develop reading skills to comprehend vocabulary they know and don’t know yet. A translation in English is also provided.

German: Coffee Break German @learngerman
This account shares, via a link, a podcast to a series where one can follow Thomas and Mark through their German experiences. A great opportunity to learn about German language AND culture.

Latin: Legonium @tutubuslatinus
Where Latin Meets Lego. This account shares illustrated Latin quotes and events from the Roman calendar. A really fun way to engage with Latin and links are provided to learn more!

Japanese: Travel Japanese App @traveljpapp
This account tweets daily on culture, language, food, travel, and music in Japanese. A great way to expand your interest for the Japanese language and “see” what the Japanese culture is like.

Chinese: ChineseClass101 @Chineseclass101
If you want to continue developing your Mandarin Chinese, this is the account to follow. Daily offerings of vocabulary, culture, and podcasts is a great way to learn!

Arabic: Transparent Arabic @arabiclanguage
Help yourself learn Arabic with free resources. This account posts a daily word of the day as well as resourceful videos on grammar with brief practice.

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