“Education has but one main purpose- to prepare students for the real world. To do that we need to get “real” in education. It’s imperative that we provide ongoing, authentic learning opportunities for our students.” – Steve Revington

How can we ensure that our learners truly understand the concepts we teach them on a daily basis? Application! Making the learning opportunities realistic and allowing them to envision how they could use it on a daily basis to make a connection. Providing authentic learning experiences is key for learners of all ages. Read more about what authentic learning is, why we use it, and how to use it here.

Authentic learning experiences can happen on a daily basis or integrated at all times of the school year. Authentic learning experiences can bring together previous content with new content or be summed up by a culminating event or project. They can be done in all types of learning environments, even virtual.

Explore the possibilities of authentic learning experiences in World Languages using this resource, World Language Authentic Learning Activities.

At the World of Learning Institute, we make sure that our learners are presented with authentic learning experiences in live sessions, but also in our coursework.  It makes learning come to life!


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