Other than the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) telling us we have to, learning about World Cultures to any learner is very important.  The reality is that the world we live on is huge and learners don’t always get the opportunity to see this big world.  There are animals, peoples, clothing, food, monuments they have never seen before and may never see.  Why do they need to see it though?


My belief is that if I want my children to be the best they can be, then I want them to be kind, caring people who are educated about the world.  If they are educated about the world, then they can work better with other people and make better decisions for all.  Being educated is going to get them to better places and help them work with others to help others.


Teaching world cultures doesn’t necessarily mean learning a new language.  Learning about world cultures is the exploration of why other cultures do and say things so we can better understand people and ourselves.


I can go on and on about my personal beliefs about this topic, but I will leave you with these two articles to explore so you can hear it from the “experts.”


Through world language learning, learners are constantly exposed to new cultures; however, don’t wait for these opportunities, consider the benefits of exploring world cultures on your own through your community or resources online.

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