Want to learn something new, like a foreign language? If you could pick a superpower to help what would you choose? We have a few ideas to help you get started. We learned about these awesome powers from our instructors who can help you learn and speak a language, pretty fast.

You don’t need to be a superhero or have superpowers, but having these superpowers sure might help!

Superpower: Flexibility like Elastigirl

We have some teachers who use the power of flexibility to empower learning. Like Elastigirl they start with a solid foundation. Their courses are the base, and they build in additional resources and activities based on their learners’ interests and needs. By virtue of being in a virtual setting, learners can choose when and where they complete their assignments. In the WOL Institute, with the addition of live sessions with teachers, the ability for students to get motivated is increased. Having teachers who offer regular sessions and supplement with the additional flexibility of expanded resources and office hours is one of our superpowers.

Superpower: Supreme Wisdom like Wonderwoman

In a virtual world, you can go beyond basic understanding, even if you don’t have the supreme wisdom of Wonderwoman. Our teachers have the power and know-how to teach languages with virtual tools. They create rigorous lessons that are flexible, encouraging learners to engage in new skills and concepts. They use this supreme knowledge to provide a variety of ways for learners to master skills and concepts of speaking a second or third language. Wisdom is enhanced in the World of Learning by the flexibility of our courses. In the Explore segment, a learner can read, watch or do an activity to begin to gain knowledge of the skill or concept. They can self-check with a quiz, interact with their peers in the explain and they can express how they are progressing throughout the course, guided by our superhero teachers.

Superpower: Innovation like Princess Wakanada

In the story of Black Panther Princess Wakanada has transformed her community. She pushes the boundaries to enhance the quality and life of her people. Her vision to expand possibility is an attribute that we have at the world of learning. We never stop learning and growing. To learn like a superhero you need to be open to new and innovative ways to learn. Some people might like to watch a video or tv show in the target language. Others might want to record themselves or jump onto a Skype call with a native speaker. The innovation that allows us to open more than one door to learning reminds me of how Princess Wakanad let her people be leaders of a peaceful way. We can be leaders of learning, too if we allow innovation and innovative thinking to be a part of how we teach and learn.

Superpower: Hard working, Strong like Superman

Virtual learning is not always easy. To be strong and compassionate like Superman is a great power to have when you are a teacher. For learners, being hardworking and having a good character can help with learning hard things. Aspiring to be our best, we work with our teachers to provide lessons that are easy to use and provide clear and succinct instructions. Our online classes have a compassionate teacher who get to know their learners – inspiring them to challenge themselves, work hard and keep trying when it is hard.

Superpower: Tenacity like Spiderman

Spiderman has endured over time, remaining popular and relatable through the years. His tenacity is a superpower that can benefit all of us, the learners and the teachers. When learning in a virtual world you have to stay relevant. Learning and growing are a vital part of how we support every learner. Spiderman’s classic line ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ hits home as a teacher and provider of the content. Even though somethings may never change, new and interesting ways to interact and share what we know as teachers help us model for learners that just memorizing for a test isn’t learning. If you can’t use what you learn, what use is it??

Who is your favorite Superhero? How does their power inspire your teaching and learning??

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