We A.R.E  … authentic, relevant, and engaging.

It’s not just us saying that we’re authentic, relevant, and engaging! We’re so dedicated to being the best resource for children to learn a world language and people are starting to notice. Our instructors are held to high standards and they are proud to be recognized for their efforts. Flip through the tabs below to see some of the awards and accolades our staff have earned.

Japanese Instructor Ellen Bearn was recognized by Wilson College as the first graduate for their Foreign Language Intern Pathway (FLIP). This program was designed to allow those who already hold degrees and teach a foreign language to become certified to teach in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Budimka Uskokovic, a German Instructor at World of Learning, was recognized with this Graduate Associate Distinguished Teaching Award by Ohio State University. She was described by her nominators as “a very dedicated, dynamic, and supportive teacher.” You can read more about this honor here.

Olivia Grugan, an Arabic Instructor and Virtual Learning Specialist at World of Learning, was awarded a scholarship for NaTakallam Arabic language sessions with a refugee conversation partner from Syria by the Qatar Foundation. You can learn more about NaTakallam here. She also was awarded a document camera to be used in language instruction by IPEVO Wishpool.

In January, Anita Young, a Spanish Instructor and Virtual Learning Specialist, was awarded a document camera by IPEVO Wishpool to enhance her world language education.

On June 22, 2020, Ellen Bearn, one of our Japanese Instructors presented an AATJ Webinar: Teaching Writing Online: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji. The seminar had 300 attendee’s with more wanting to join. We are so proud. To learn more about using Padlet and other tools to write in virtual sessions see the recording HERE.