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Imagine walking by a classroom with students smiling and attentive to their computer screen as they listen to their instructor speaking in a foreign language. As they listen attentively, they respond… in another language! Conversation continues and suddenly your students now have possibilities to get higher paying jobs, achieve better SAT scores, and participate in diverse experiences simply because you made the decision to provide them a foreign language learning experience.

“The live sessions provided by the WOL Institute immediately increased the kids’ engagement through the interactive components. We saw the kids getting acclimated and comfortable in a virtual setting very quickly. We were equally excited when we saw them speaking, listening and interacting with the virtual instructor in ways that made us feel that we were offering a truly exceptional opportunity to enhance their learning experience.   – Glenn Gaye, Director of Education, Windber Area School District

World Language Classes Offered:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Latin
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Elementary Spanish
  • Elementary and Middle School Exploratory Languages

All the above languages are offered in four levels (1-4) and available to middle school and high school students.

Each student is expected to have access to internet, an individual computer, laptop, or tablet with web-cam access, and a headset in which to communicate. It’s that simple! Each school provides an in-school facilitator (teacher, librarian, counselor, staff-member, etc.) who will monitor students from the home school classroom and communicate to the language teacher in regards to any schedule changes or troubleshooting matters. The frequent communication allows for the optimal learning environment for your learners so they may get the opportunity to learn another language. Be the reason your students can have more opportunities by offering them a 21st century learning opportunity that leads to proficient communication in another language.

“The communication with the World of Learning staff throughout the process was outstanding!! They were super responsive, listened to our feedback, and coordinated with us to make adjustments based on our building’s schedule.  Additionally, they provided timely communication for students and parents as necessary. The quality of both the content and communication was of high quality and professional. Further, the live sessions were instrumental in providing a cohesive, engaging learning environment for our students that directly involved the students in interacting and communicating with the instructor.”   – Jennifer Haas, Principal ELCO High School

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