Five Facts about OUR Virtual Language Instruction

By: Anita Young

Disclaimer: I can’t speak about other vendors and how they deliver World Language instruction, so this post is specific to the World of Learning Institute and how WE deliver our world language instruction.

Oftentimes when we meet with school districts, potential teachers, or new students we are faced with uncertainties about learning a world language virtually and specifically how we deliver our virtual World Language instruction so our students are successful at acquiring another language.  Here are the facts – and the myths we most often have to bust:

FACT #1: Virtual Instruction can be engaging.

Myth: Virtual instruction is not engaging for students. 

Virtual instruction can and should be engaging.  At the World of Learning Institute, our instructors are trained in pedagogy using technology tools to ensure that live sessions are authentic, relevant, AND engaging.  Our teachers do not stand and deliver lectures, our learners are actively participating, doing, and learning.  Acquisition of a language comes much easier when learners are engaged.

FACT#2: Comprehensible Input can be done in the virtual learning environment.  

Myth: the virtual setting is not a place where teachers can get students to provide language output  consistently. 

At the World of Learning Institute, our instructors are actively involved in professional learning networks that take deep dives on this topic. We are expanding how we can deliver instruction that is comprehensible to our learners and generate output in a variety of ways that demonstrates acquisition. We use a variety of methods such as TPR, storytelling, routine-based activities, movie talk, etc.


FACT #3: Consistent support means navigating the technology is not a problem.

Myth: The technology is too complicated. 

Our learners access two main tools for their instruction: Zoom and Canvas. Zoom is where all synchronous live sessions are held and Canvas is where the asynchronous learning and assignment completion is done. The Zoom link is even integrated with Canvas – so students never miss a  live session. AND, we are always available to help – from the first-day students are oriented to sharing student progress, we are with you every step of the way. We host weekly office hours for students to provide support of the technology, course navigation, etc.


FACT #4: Using the World of Learning allows you to have a Face-to-Face teacher virtually. The next best thing!

Myth: Students cannot acquire a new language online. They need a face-to-face teacher in a brick and mortar setting. 

We will be the first to admit that a face to face teacher is ideal for students, and we know that oftentimes this isn’t possible for some students and districts. Whether you are limited by budgeting constraints or an inability to find a candidate to fill a vacancy, the WOL Institute is the next best option! 

Why? Because we provide a virtual face to face option where students meet live with a teacher who can provide direct instruction, deliver the comprehensible input needed to be successful, answer questions, and troubleshoot. Our live sessions are KEY to language acquisition because students have opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write in the target language with someone who can support them.  Using this method, students can acquire a new language online.  We offer this solution.

FACT #5: Working with the WOL Institute provides on time support and excellent communication.

Myth: Working with an online vendor leads to a lack of communication or relationship building. 

Let me tell you, one of the comments we hear most frequently from our school districts that we work with is that WE are THE most responsive people they have ever worked with and that our communication is top-notch.  Building relationships online for us is critical and a priority. Whether we are working with central office administration, guidance counselors, students, or parents, we are responsive and available to support student learning.  Communication! That is and will always be our priority.     

Want to see all of this put into action? Contact us today to schedule a demo with your students or administration. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have.

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