We A.R.E  … authentic, relevant, and engaging.

We’re an online educational resource offering live, interactive instruction in world language, math, and science to schools and individual learners.


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We believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to experience and learn any subject to pursue their interests. Learning is never boring for any age! From new alphabets to new equations there is always something interesting.

This school year the WOL Institute has added a Full-Time Option for districts. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your district. 

Our teachers are experts in delivering virtual instruction. As technology plays a large role in daily lives, it also has a large impact on our organization. Using virtual meeting technology allows learners opportunities to access not only a teacher in a face-to-face environment, but also authentic resources from all around the world. We love that technology helps us to support a teacher for everyone, expanding communication and giving learners access to real-world interactions and communication that supports learning.

The pros of using technology:

  • “Students have more control.
  • It promotes student-centered learning and collaboration.
  • Lessons and content are more accessible (provided there is tech access).
  • Access = easier for parents to see what’s going on.
  • It can be more efficient.” Source – Acedo and Evseeva

World of Learning Institute offers language, math, and science education to you! And this year, we are offering a Full-Time option. Contact us for more information.

At The World of Learning Institute, we believe “…they can study at their own pace due to availability and accessibility of all necessary resources in the e-learning environment” (Evseeva & Solozhenko, 2015). When content is delivered through videos, readings, and hands-on activities learners engage and a variety of learning styles can be considered. This allows the barriers to fall and learning to be at the center.