Marhaba and Bonjour!

I first fell in love with language study at age 16, living abroad in Montluçon, France for a summer. I realized at a young age that language was a key to discovering more of the world and my role in it! I majored in Arabic and French at UNC-Chapel Hill, then went on to pursue my degree in teaching Arabic as a second language at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. 

I served as a residential life coordinator, teacher, and program director for five years at the Middlebury Interactive Languages high school, summer Arabic program. I currently work as a first-grade Arabic immersion teacher in Houston, Texas, teaching math, science, yoga, and Arabic language arts, all in the language! 

My professional passions include studying and implementing creative arts techniques for language acquisition in dual language and immersion classrooms. I hope to offer ideas and methods that creatively push the boundaries of traditional Arabic language instruction!