You know some Chinese, now what?

If you are learning Chinese, have you ever thought about what you can do with your Chinese language skills? Learning a second language not only enables you to gain better and more future opportunities, but more importantly, a new Language is a WHOLE NEW WORLD that opens to you. You gain a whole other world when you are able to express yourselves in another language and are able to view the world from other perspectives. Let’s discover what your Chinese language skills can bring you:

1. You can watch television shows, movies and videos in Chinese language.
There are plenty of free Chinese videos online. Through watching these videos, you can gain first-hand insights into China. If you are a beginner, children’s programming is good, because the characters usually speak slowly and use simple vocabulary.

2. You can also volunteer in a Chinese heritage school. This is a great opportunity to get some Chinese immersion experience. Most importantly, it is FREE! One of my former students who is passionate about Chinese is now volunteering in a Chinese heritage school. She loves it as she can speak Chinese to native Chinese speakers.

3. You may visit Chinatown like a native. You might have learned how to order food in Chinese, why don’t you go to a Chinatown in Philly or New York City to practice your Chinese? At the end of the day, learning a second language is to communicate with people who speak that language, right?

4. You may also consider studying abroad. If you have the chance, study abroad in China or Taiwan. With your basic Chinese language skills, you will be able to survive without trouble. Studying abroad can significantly enhance your language skills and profoundly broaden your horizons.

There are plenty of ways to use Chinese in real life. It is important that you take the first step. Let’s go!

by Jane Wong

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