We A.R.E  … award-winning, recognized, and elite.

It’s not just us saying that we’re authentic, relevant, and engaging! We’re so dedicated to being the best resource for children to learn a world language, math and science and people are starting to notice. Our instructors are held to high standards and they are proud to be recognized for their efforts. Flip through the tabs below to see some of the awards and accolades that our staff have earned.

2022: Olivia Grugan presented at AESA: ``The Classes They Wouldn’t Have Taken``

2022: Pat Mulroy and Erin Siverd presented at PASCD: ``There’s No Place Like (Your LMS) Homepage``

2022: Olivia Grugan and Lauren McMinn presented at ACTFL ``I Still Wonder...Using an Inquiry-based Model to Make Input Compelling``

2022: Olivia Grugan and Lauren McMinn presented at ACTFL ``Elementary Students can Learn a Language Virtually``

2022: Olivia Grugan presented at NREA ``Everyone can Learn a Language``

2022: Olivia Grugan presented at PSMLA: ``What I learned from ASL about staying in the TL``

2020: Olivia Grugan to Presented at MFLA Spring Conference

Olivia Grugan will present at MFLA. Olivia is an Arabic, German, and Spanish teacher/communicator and an ASL learner. She rejects the idea that some people “just aren’t good at languages” and is committed to expanding access to World Languages for ALL learners. How can we make our input both comprehensible and compelling in the virtual environment? Grugan has been developing and testing CI strategies tailored for virtual language classes. In this workshop, participants will explore the nuts-and-bolts of those strategies as well as have an opportunity to watch them in use. Applicable to anyone who may choose to deliver some content online (homework, differentiated tasks, etc…).

2019: Presenting at TFLTA

We gave our presentation: Relationships Matter – Lead with Heart in the World Language Classroom at the TFLTA conference. TFLTA is an organization for all foreign language educators in the state of Tennessee. Our goal was to promote and advocate for foreign language education in the state and to provide assistance and resources to those teaching foreign languages at all levels.

2018: Ellen Bearn First FLIP Graduate

Japanese Instructor Ellen Bearn was recognized by Wilson College as the first graduate for their Foreign Language Intern Pathway (FLIP). This program was designed to allow those who already hold degrees and teach a foreign language to become certified to teach in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.