1. Khan Academy in Other Languages

For an opportunity to look at the specific vocabulary, practice activities based on interest areas, or for basic math practice try Khan Academy in another language.


  1. Quizlet

A learner can search through a variety of study sets to personalize what language or theme of vocabulary they want to learn.  They can also create their own study set! Quizlet offers a learning opportunity anytime, anywhere with simple flashcards, a variety of games, and an option to play collaboratively with peers. A fun, free option to really learn new vocabulary in the target language.


  1. Netflix

Yes, Netflix can be a great tool for learning a new language.  Explore the variety of movie titles or documentaries that infuse new languages and perspectives.  There are many options for films in other languages or consider adding subtitles in different languages to work on language learning.


  1. Mondly

Mondly is a free app to help learners practice their language through engaging activities and communication.  Mondly provides wonderful lessons to support language learning with on the go and anytime learning opportunities.


  1. Duolingo

Another great app that is completely free!! It offers many opportunities to learn multiple languages and engage with games and activities to help learn the language.  Some new neat features like podcasts and interactive stories make for a unique learning experience.  Very engaging learning opportunity.


  1. Conjuguemos

This site is a teacher favorite because of the variety of practice activities as well as the favorite, time, guided practice with verbs.  Learners learning French, German, Italian, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish can race against the clock to improve their grammar.


  1. Lyrics Training

If you are into music, this resource is perfect for you! Browse through the thousands of songs and music videos in other languages to work on your listening skills in the new language.  With a variety of tiered language activities to go with the songs, a learner can be engaged for hours using songs of their preferred genre.


  1. International Children’s Digital Library

This great resource has a variety of virtual children’s books in other languages to build acquisition.  Several books do have audio options and can be read aloud.  Using books can help learners develop reading comprehension skills and build vocabulary in the new language.  A variety of books, even in English, present culture unique to languages that can help develop understanding and new perspectives.

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