With a variety of options available out there, check out this list of top ten best mobile apps to explore, practice, and build upon your language learning. Learn and practice your new language anytime, anywhere. Enjoy your exploration!


  1. Duolingo: This free app offers many opportunities to learn multiple languages and engage with games and activities to help learn the language.  Some new neat features like podcasts and interactive stories make for a unique learning experience.  Very engaging app!
  2. Memrise: Offers a variety of courses in many languages. More than just flashcards with customization opportunities.  Great for beginners
  3. Mindsnacks: One of the coolest ways to learn languages… through games! Mindsnacks is all about learning language through games and interaction. A really fun design to keep even younger learners very engaged.
  4. Babbel: While Babbel offers more to their paid customers, their free options are still substantial and offer a lot to the language learner. Easy and simple breakdowns of vocabulary and grammar make this a perfect option to work on areas of weakness.
  5. BUSUU: With 12 options of languages, BUSUU offers very well developed and structured content. While not as gamified or inviting graphically as some other apps, the quality of the content is wonderful!
  6. TripLingo: TripLingo is a great app for the traveling language learner.  If any learner is planning a missions trip, study abroad experience, or simply traveling for fun, then this app is a great consideration for basic phrases, safety tips, and voice translator.
  7. Quizlet: Search through a variety of study sets to personalize what language or theme of vocabulary you want to learn.  You can also create your own study set! Quizlet offers the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere with simple flashcards, a variety of games, and an option to play collaboratively with peers. A fun, free option to really learn new vocabulary in the target language.
  8. 50 Languages: Just as the title suggests, this app offers 50 languages to learn from.  While pretty basic in appearance, there is a lot of great content and the options to select what you want to learn are really easy to access.
  9. HelloTalk: A great option when you are ready to try out your language speaking!  This app does not offer lessons or vocabulary, so be prepared to use what you know and apply it.  The app sets you up with native speakers (safely) to practice the language through voice and text!
  10. Beelinguapp: While there are several paid options, the app offers a variety of reading and audiobook options in a variety of languages. Find a text of interest and at your level to practice your reading skills with an app designed to help learn a language.

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