The World Of Learning Institute to the Rescue

By: Anita Young

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… it’s the World of Learning Institute! Some districts may call us superheroes, but we like to see ourselves as the people who can help in a tough situation.  Over the past six months, several school districts have found themselves in difficult situations when it comes to staffing. Some districts have teachers who have become sick. Others are taking leaves, and as districts look for long-term substitutes, the search can be grueling. Some call it a needle and a haystack kinda search.  When it comes to finding a world language teacher in a time crunch, it can be almost impossible.  World Language teachers are typically difficult to find because as there are so few out there, especially in rural areas.  

WOL To the Rescue

That’s how we can come to the rescue.  In order to continue world language instruction, we provide personalized service for schools.  Here are some of the benefits for our long term substitute solutions:

  • Meeting the timeline of the school: We can begin as early as needed to ensure a proper transition with limited or no gap in instruction. We can also help transition a new hire, return of a teacher, or close out the school year.
  • Orientation for all students and facilitators at the school: We provide a thorough introduction to Zoom and Canvas so students can navigate the course.  We also prepare a week of asynchronous Orientation tasks so students and facilitators feel comfortable navigating. 
  • Personalized content: We take the time to meet with the exiting teacher, if possible, or a department head to identify the skills students have been exposed to. Then, as we get to know the students, we adapt a course at their learning levels to address their needs. 
  • Live Session options: We know that oftentimes long-term substitute situations are not factored into budgets so we offer a variety of options for live sessions to meet the budget you are working with.
  • Ongoing Customer Service: Students will have ready access and communication via Canvas messaging to contact their world language teacher, ask content, and grading specific questions.  Students, facilitators, and administrators have access (phone or email) to a Virtual Learning Specialist who will support them most times of the day. Communication and timeliness are very important to us to ensure all problems are resolved.

So, no, we may not be Superman, Batman, or the Hulk, but we are the World of Learning Institute! We can come to the rescue if you find yourself in a jam when it comes to delivering world languages.  We will ensure your students are engaged and have the best quality, virtual education. Contact us today if you are having a difficult time finding a world language teacher! 

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