What Students are Saying About Their WOL Instructors

Do you allow your students to share their input or ideas?  Two times a year we put out a survey for students to complete, with or without their name, that can provide us insight on the courses, live sessions, instructors, etc. We take student input very seriously! In fact, over the past year we have re-designed some of our courses because of student feedback. 

In fact, research tells us that if we take student feedback seriously we are more apt to create engagement. “When schools create a culture of feedback, they ‘send a strong signal to students that they care about their point of view, while also creating opportunities to model how to productively receive and respond to feedback,’ according to educational researcher Carly Robinson, a Ph.D. student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.”

Here are some of the highlights of the feedback about our teachers. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg of great student input.

Check out these samples of feedback our students shared about their teachers:

  • Buckwalter Sensei: “She is very kind and helpful. I enjoy the extra little things she throws into class to make it more interactive and immersive in the actual culture and language.”
  • Bearn Sensei: “Bearn Sensei was really helpful with teaching Japanese to first learners. It was easy to understand her explanations and she was very kind and always called on us so we could all participate together and ensure a better learning!”
  • Madame Barlat: “My instructor was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the duration of my Canvas course. The projects/assignments in the course were creative and engaging, while also allowing me to study the material.”
  • Madame Henderson: “Madame Henderson is such an amazing teacher! At the beginning of the year, I was so excited to be in her class again. She is always so helpful and kind.”
  • Sra. Clouser & Sr. Shrestha: “Both of my instructors were awesome. They are very good at explaining the material and even better at keeping students engaged in the class.”
  • Sra. Hertzog: “My instructor was awesome! Absolutely love her and the way she taught us. It was engaging and interactive. I will walk away from this class with the most growth in my Spanish than I have had any other year. So grateful I was able to have her as my teacher.”
  • Sr. Germick: “Sr. Germick was very enthusiastic. He was a great teacher in the live sessions and would make sure he would make it fun by showing us videos, asking us to sing, or telling us to stand up to stretch. He allowed it to be a fun year, which I was very happy about because he was never negative and always excited to teach us.”
  • Ustaaza Grugan and Ustaaza El-Turky: “I absolutely, absolutely LOVED my class this year! I’ve been wanting to learn Arabic for a while and this class and these awesome instructors helped me get started and learn so much in just one school year. They made the class super fun and eased us into a language that can be really difficult if you don’t have a good class; they were also super flexible with me and my crazy schedule (that was usually incompatible with the live sessions) the entire year, which I really appreciate.”
  • Ustaaza Magidow: “Whenever I enter class, my teachers greet me. I like how invested they are in my learning, they really care about what they do. I feel very comfortable asking questions, and I definitely understand the material that is given.”
  • Madame El-Turky: “I just really feel like this course has helped me grow in the French language. I probably enjoy live sessions the most. While there isn’t typically a lot of students, I feel like I learn from them and get a lot of speaking practice in. I also really enjoyed my teacher this year, she always had a game to play to help with vocabulary which I find helpful and fun.”
  • Laoshi Jeffers: “有老师 (Mrs. Jeffers) is an extremely supportive and kind teacher. She always makes the activities and our Zoom sessions entertaining as well as very informational. She does not only teach us the Chinese vocabulary, but also the culture of China. I’m very happy to be in her class and to participate in the Chinese Movie Club. Mrs. Jeffers is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”
  • Mrs. Myers: “She was always very easy to contact and was extremely accommodating during any issues that arose.”
  • Frau Uskokovic: “Frau tries to incorporate fun things like music into our live sessions, and I always enjoy it.”
  • Frau Hanley: “Frau Hanley is one on my favorite teachers who is always very positive and cheerful and she is a very good teacher who makes it very easy to understand the the content of the lessons”

We Are Proud

 We know our teachers take the time they take to get to know students and prepare engaging, authentic, and relevant lessons in a virtual setting. Relationships matter and once students feel comfortable with their teacher and peers, their ability to try languages comes naturally.  Language acquisition happens! Thank you, World of Learning Institute Instructors, and thank you to the great students who participate in our World of Learning Institute language classes.  

Do you use student feedback in your school or district??


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